Fun Games

Who says you can’t laugh when you play? Between the quirky humor of the titles like Portal, and the pleasant atmosphere that characterizes the productions signed Double-Fine, the hilarious games that make us laugh at throat unfurled are just as numerous as various. Are you looking for a little videogame UFO for a night of fun? So hang on, because the following examples are among the hilarious titles available on current platforms.

West of Loathing

West of Loathing is the result of the work of asymmetry’s Games. It’s a black-and-white adventure that drives you into a good old, resolutely monochrome Wild West where suitable matches represent cowboys. You will make your way to ruthless places where you will face, in a single duel, many enemies no less cruel, including desperados, skeletons (small and large), or evil cows. West of Loathing is anything but serious, but its solid RPG mechanics give the game gameplay that won’t fail to captivate you. So, as you go along, you will complete quests and become stronger as you learn to master firearms, dynamite, and lasso.

Goat Simulator

One morning, someone wondered why there was no game in which the player would play as a goat. And that’s how Coffee Stain Studios ‘ Goat Simulator was born. For years, this curiosity has unleashed the passions of gamers wishing to awaken the goat that lay dormant in them. Attack good people who have picnics, indulge in the joys of necromancy, create perilous figures who screw up, your adventure has only one limit: your imagination and your goat. Also, as this title has recently been available on Nintendo Switch™, it is the perfect time to (re)discover a world of Sweet Country shoes, horns, and riffs. So, how about a little trip to the wild universe of Goat Simulator?

Strange Brigade

What happens when you take the concept of co-op zombie games like Left 4 Dead and mix it blithely with the aesthetics of the 1930s cinema? Well, we’re back with The Strange Brigade! This 2018 title by Rebellion follows a group of adventurers in the jungles of Africa where a resurrected Witch Queen awaits you with her army of undead and monsters. Visually, Strange Brigade is almost reminiscent of Fortnite and its cartoon side. As for the storyteller whose enthusiasm is contagious, he spends most of his time encouraging heroes and booing enemies. The cinematics stands out with an outrageous mise-en-scène that evokes the films of the Hollywood golden age unequivocally. When you are not atomizing mummies, minotaurs, and other zombies, you will witness real verbal jousting between the protagonists and the narrator, where puns and puns flare all over the place. If you like the style of Left 4 Dead and have a soft spot for narrative structures that focus on Epic replicas, Strange Brigade will give you moments of an anthology.

Surgeon Simulator

That said, you will discover the joys and hazards of the life of a surgeon, well, almost! The game relies on your clumsiness during the ultra-precise surgical procedures that you must undertake. Opening a thoracic cage with a large circular saw does not seem very sorcery … until the fateful moment when this instrument a little Sharp will get stuck in the patient’s organs and turn them into mush or will escape from your hands and fall on the face of your victim. Well, it’s a bloody Touya on the edges, but the Surgeon Simulator motion interface is designed so that your tribulations in the O. R. give rise to totally ridiculous and hilarious scenes. Available on most platforms, including Android devices and the Nintendo Switch, this title allows you to play the surgeon, even when you’re going for a walk.

Jackbox Party Pack Series

This series is full of mini-games that rhyme with hilarity. Whatever version you choose, Jackbox systematically offers the game “You don’t Know Jack” whose questions and answers are all more fun than each other… but that’s not all! Between Drawful and Tee K. O. that challenges you to use your artistic skills (more or less useful) to make downright wacky drawings or Fibbage where you have to shape in extremis wacky lies to face radically weird questions, Jack box Party Pack has no equal to set the mood. In addition to being the star of the evenings with friends, this title is also playable online with an audience that participates in the festivities. To sum up, with The Jack box games, everything is put together so that you can fake yourself all night long!

That’s it! We presented some of the games that we found particularly hilarious. Old-school titles whose arrival on state-of-the-art platforms has inspired a new life, or new adventures and comic to wish, all these games deserve an interest. Are there any particularly Burlesque Games that are not on our list? Which games made you laugh the most?